Democratic Congressman Makes Trump Look Like An Impotent Man Baby On China And N. Korea

After Trump had whined about China not solving the N. Korea nuclear problem, Rep Ted Lieu (D-CA) hit Trump hard by pointing out that the President hasn’t signed the sanctions bill against Chinese entities that help North Korea.

Trump tweeted:

Rep. Lieu replied:

It is a valid question to ask why Trump expects everyone to do his job for him? Trump expected the Republicans in Congress to do the health care bill without him. He expects the Chinese to resolve the N. Korea crisis. Donald Trump is the President Of The United States, but outside of watching cable news and golfing, what does he do exactly? Trump isn’t accomplishing anything. He isn’t leading the country.

Trump has no legislation that he has put forward to Congress or policies. Trump has slogans or chants, but he isn’t doing anything.

Ted Lieu was correct. Trump could be doing something. He could be leading, but instead, this president is content to tweet and whine.