Kellyanne Conway Demands All Americans Treat Trump With Deference And Humility

Kellyanne Conway has been going on Fox News and delivering the message that Trump and Mike Pence should be treated with deference and humility because elected officials like Trump aren’t your peers. They are better than you.

Here is Conway a couple of days ago explaining that Trump expects diva treatment:


Conway talked about the need to, “set up that level of deference and humility when you’ve got someone who’s your boss.”


She added, “I think it’s very important that people not treat elected officials like the President and the Vice President as their peers.”

Donald Trump views himself as a king and a superior human being. Even though the people elect the president, or not in this case, Donald Trump thinks that he is above everyone else. It is impossible for a president to represent the interests of all Americans when he views himself as better than most people.


Trump has suggested in the past that poor people are too stupid to know about the economy.


Conway’s comments were not a one off. She continued the to discuss the need to defer to Trump on Fox News Sunday, “So, I’m always a protocol and pecking order kind of gal and I’m very deferential person. I’ve never addressed the president even when he was a candidate and as close as we are as boss and employee, I’ve never addressed him by his first name. I always address people like General Kelly as sir, and I, also with Reince Priebus, was happy to do what I was asked to do, as a member of his staff.”

Video of Conway on Fox News Sunday:

Kellyanne Conway’s television appearances are always about massaging Trump’s ego. Trump constantly complains about disrespect, and Conway’s message, while supposedly directed at White House staff, was really meant for the American people. Conway could have delivered the message to White House staff without going on Fox News. The real target audience for Conway’s demand of deference to Trump was the media and the American people.

Donald Trump thinks he is better than you, and can’t understand why you don’t show him more respect.

What Trump doesn’t understand is that respect is something that is earned, not given, and while Americans respect the office of the presidency, they don’t have to respect the man occupying it.