Trump Begs Senators To Repeal And Replace Obamacare As His Presidency Collapses

Trump wants a political win so badly that he is begging Republican Senators to take away health care from millions as the impotent president can do nothing but watch his presidency collapse.

Trump tweeted:

What the President still doesn’t understand is that the reconciliation process was easier than going to 51 votes. Under reconciliation, Republicans only needed 50 votes plus the Vice President to break the tie. Trump is asking Republicans to adopt a process that would leave them two votes short of passage instead of one. Trump’s idea would make it more difficult for Republicans to pass a health care bill.

Trump can whine about the process all he wants, but the inescapable truth is that Senate Republicans only had 49 votes of support, and McConnell had to scrape and struggle to get to 49. The problem isn’t the 60 vote rule. The problem is that not enough Republicans support taking health care away from tens of millions of people.

Donald Trump has gone from tantruming and threatening war on the Republican-controlled Congress to weakly begging Republican Senators to pass a health care bill.

As a candidate, Trump promised so much winning. As president, all Donald Trump does is lose.