Delusional Trump Takes Credit For Obama Accomplishments While His Presidency Burns

As the failures of his administration pile up, Donald Trump is taking credit for Obama accomplishments, while proclaiming his White House chaos free.

Trump tweeted:

Except for the Supreme Court Justice every single thing that Trump listed was an Obama accomplishment.

Remember, Donald Trump has passed zero pieces of major legislation, so he is the literal definition of riding on his predecessor’s coat tails. The stock market high is keyed to the Republican promise of tax reform. If Republicans don’t get tax reform done, the market will fall like a rock.

Trump has done nothing to create jobs unless you count playing golf as job creation. This president has no economic policies. Obama is the president that increased border security, patrols, and deportations.

The Trump administration is paralyzed by the chaos that is being caused by the president, which is why they can’t set an agenda and stick to it. The chaos free administration that Trump was tweeting about was also Obama’s.

Trump has zero accomplishments of his own, so he is stealing former President Obama’s. Donald Trump is completely out of his gourd, and a president who people once thought was a savvy liar has revealed himself to be nothing more than out of touch with reality.

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