GOP Strategist Goes Off On The President: ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’

Reacting to the news that Donald Trump crafted his son’s misleading statement following the explosive revelation earlier this month that Donald Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign to get damaging info on Hillary Clinton, GOP strategist Rick Wilson unloaded on the president in a way only he could do.

On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Wilson said, “The stilted nature of the text alone was sort of a tell that President Unindicted Co-conspirator was involved.”


The fact that he put himself into this jeopardy means, once again, he does not listen to his attorneys, he does not listen to political advisors. Everything is shoot from the lip, everything is impulse, everything is whatever’s in Donald Trump’s brain that moment is the smartest thing in the world. And so he saddled his own son with this terrible piece of convoluted and frankly deceptive rhetoric that he forced him to put out, so then they had to walk it back day after day after day after day, and once again, my rule is simple: Everything Trump touches dies. This is a guy who’s got a curse on him, and he hit his own son with it. … It means he’s not listening to counsel at all.

It’s clear that Trump isn’t just unwilling to listen to those who know better than he does – but he is unable to. He has the self-control of a third grader and continues to be consumed by fear as the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller gets closer to the truth.

As Rick Wilson noted in his epic takedown, Trump’s move to go against the wishes of his staff and concoct a lie about his son’s meeting shows that there is nobody he isn’t willing to throw under the bus – not even his son – to cover up the Russia scandal swirling around his presidency.

The Russia controversy is bad enough for this president, but he is still clearly his own worse enemy.