Republican Congressman Treats Trump Like A Toddler While Calling His Messes Exhausting

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) spoke about Donald Trump like he was a toddler when he called the President’s constant messes exhausting, and his tweets distracting.

Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost tweeted:

The vast majority of Americans agree with Rep. Dent. Donald Trump and his constant drama/chaos/messes are exhausting. His tweets are distracting and making it nearly impossible to focus on the issues. Barack Obama would have been over the moon if Republicans would have been working with Democrats on a bipartisan health care bill, but all Donald Trump does is undercut bipartisanship by whining and blaming Democrats for his problems.

When one takes a step back, it is stunning that a president of the United States is being talked about in the same way that one would talk about a toddler. Little Donnie’s messes are exhausting. We can’t get anything done because Donnie’s tantrums are distracting.

Rep. Dent could be talking about a three-year-old just as easily as he was discussing the President.

Even Republicans know that the country needs a president, not a toddler.

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