Watch A Mentally Gone Trump Repeatedly Call The White House Cabinet Room The Boardroom

While swearing in his new chief of staff, John Kelly, Donald Trump referred to the White House cabinet room as the boardroom in front of reporters. The President appears not to know where he is because there is no boardroom in the White House.


Reporters quickly noticed that Trump was pointing to a room in the White House that does not exist:

Trump babbled about records being created and repeated his tweet from earlier in the morning where he tried to take credit for Obama’s accomplishments, but the one thing that was missing from the press coverage was the swearing in of Kelly.

At some point, the serious question has to be asked if Trump can physically and mentally handle the presidency. The President has been in the White House for more than six months, but he refers to the cabinet room as the boardroom. This is not an episode of The Apprentice. There is no boardroom in the White House; the Executive Branch of the United States government is not a business.

The question needs to be asked if Trump even understands where he is, or what he is doing?

There is something off with the president, and all of these odd public behaviors are beginning to add up.

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