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Fox News Busted As Fake News As Fox Worked With Trump On Seth Rich Conspiracy Story

A new federal lawsuit alleges that the Trump administration reviewed a fake Fox News story about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

NPR reported:

The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the murder of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday. The explosive claim is part of the lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network.


According to the lawsuit, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer met at the White House with Wheeler and Butowsky to review the Rich story a month before Fox News ran the piece.

On May 14, about 36 hours before Fox News’ story appeared, Butowsky left a voicemail for Wheeler, saying, “We have the full, uh, attention of the White House on this. And tomorrow, let’s close this deal, whatever we’ve got to do.”

The lawsuit is evidence that the Trump White House is planting fake news in conservative media outlets, but equally as important is the idea that conservative media, like Fox, are working with the White House to spread fake news.
Fox News was forced to retract their story that linked the murdered DNC staffer to the DNC email hacks, but the conspiracy is alive and well with the President Of The United States who continues to claim that the Russia scandal both doesn’t exist and is a Democratic plot to get him.

The motive behind this Fox News/Trump collusion is the Russia scandal. The White House is supervising, and conservative media is publishing fake news to try to get Trump off the hook for the Russia scandal

Fox News has seen their ratings decline since Trump took office, as MSNBC is gaining viewers rapidly and has in most ways replaced Fox as the top rated cable news network. Fox News, whether they want to be or not, is increasingly becoming state run media, which is why only Trump diehards trust Fox.

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