Lawyers Want Trump And Sean Spicer To Testify About Colluding With Fox On Fake Seth Rich Story

Lawyers are seeking the testimony of President Donald Trump and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer related to their potential collusion with Fox News on a fake story about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Michael Isikoff and Hunter Walker of Yahoo News reported:
The lawyer for a Washington private investigator who is suing Fox News over its use of allegedly invented quotes in a news story advancing a bizarre conspiracy theory said Tuesday he will seek to depose President Trump and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to question them over their roles in the affair.

“We’re going to litigate this case as we would any other,” and that means “we’ll want to depose anyone who has information,” including the president, said attorney Douglas Wigdor, who is representing the investigator, Rod Wheeler.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Trump tried to get out of testifying by asserting executive privilege. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that Trump knew nothing about the story, but the complaint alleges that Trump and Spicer were reviewing the story and wanted it published on the Fox News website immediately because Trump was trying to plant fake news deflect the growing questions surrounding his involvement in the Russia scandal.

None of this is moving towards a good place for Donald Trump. The facts will come out. If Trump colluded with Fox News to plant a fake news story, it would take the President’s disregard for the White House to a new level. If Trump colluded with Fox News, it will destroy the still burning embers of the sinking conservative network, and could puncture an unfathomable dent in the conservative media bubble.

The ugly marriage of Trump and the conservative media is being put on display, and Trump and Spicer testify, the dirty laundry might finally come out.

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