By A More Than 2-1 Margin, Americans Are Embarrassed To Have Trump As President

In a Quinnipiac University Poll that is loaded with bad news for Trump, the worst news is that Trump has gone from failed president to national embarrassment.

The Quinnipiac University Poll found, “American voters say 54 – 26 percent that they are embarrassed rather than proud to have Trump as president. Voters say 57 – 40 percent he is abusing the powers of his office and say 60 – 36 percent that he believes he is above the law.”

As polarized as the polling was during the Obama years, and as unpopular as George W. Bush was, neither of the two previous presidents were considered embarrassments by voters. The worst thing that can happen to a politician is that they are not taken seriously.

Trump has no real power to get things done because he isn’t taken seriously. Republicans in Congress don’t take him seriously. People in his own government don’t take him seriously, and leaders around the world treat Trump like a joke.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the American people, which is all of the motivation that they need to boot him out of office in 2020