Jaws Drop As Dangerously Incoherent Trump Compares War In Afghanistan To A Restaurant


President Donald Trump has reached a dangerous level of incoherence as he wants to fire the top US commander in Afghanistan and base the nation’s war strategy on a fancy New York restaurant.

NBC News reported:
Trump compared the policy review process to the renovation of a famed New York restaurant in the 1980s, officials said.

Trump told his advisers that the restaurant, Manhattan’s elite ’21’ Club, had shut its doors for a year and hired an expensive consultant to craft a plan for a renovation.After a year, Trump said, the consultant’s only suggestion was that the restaurant needed a bigger kitchen.

Officials said Trump kept stressing the idea that lousy advice cost the owner a year of lost business and that talking to the restaurant’s waiters instead might have yielded a better result. He also said the tendency is to assume if someone isn’t a three-star general he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that in his own experience in business talking to low-ranking workers has gotten him better outcomes.


The man in charge of the nation’s military strategy compared the war in Afghanistan to a restaurant remodel. Donald Trump is going to get even more American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. The man knows nothing about military strategy, or how difficult to impossible it has been historically for a foreign power to fight in Afghanistan.

A war in Afghanistan is difficult. The opposition is prepared to fight for decades if not centuries. The Taliban understands that the invaders will eventually go home and they will win. Afghanistan is a Vietnam/North Korea level war.

Donald Trump is endangering American lives as commander in chief. He has no clue what is doing. War is nothing like a restaurant remodel, and the problem isn’t the advice that the President is getting. The problem is that the US is fighting a war in Afghanistan.