Key Dem Promises Bipartisan ‘Firestorm’ If Trump Fires Bob Mueller For Looking At Tax Returns

If Donald Trump forces the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller – the man leading the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign – one key Democratic senator said it won’t just be members of his party who will put up a fight.

According to Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal, who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, if Trump fires Mueller for looking into his financial dealings, including his tax returns, then there will be a bipartisan firestorm waiting for the president.


After Chris Matthews reminded the senator that Trump likely won’t give up his tax returns without a fight, Blumenthal said:

There’s a likelihood that there will be a confrontation. And if there’s a confrontation and if there’s a threat to fire Bob Mueller, there will be a firestorm of opposition on both sides of the aisle here in Congress. And that’s why we want to forestall that effort and we’re doing it on a bipartisan basis to adopt some protective measures so the independence and integrity of that special prosecutor will be safeguarded. … I agree with you, Chris, that we need to be realistic here given what Donald Trump has done in the past. 

Republicans may have spent the first six months of this president’s term giving him political cover on a range of issues, but it’s becoming abundantly clear that those days are coming to an end.

Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake’s op-ed earlier this week indicated that vulnerable Republicans are not going to be sticking by Trump much longer.

With midterm elections inching closer and Trump’s behavior getting increasingly dangerous, more Republicans are jumping ship before this reckless president brings them down with him.

As Blumenthal said on Wednesday, firing Mueller to stop an investigation into his financial ties to Russia would be a red line, and it Trump crosses it, he can expect backlash from members of both parties.