The Wheels Are Coming Off As Strong Support For Trump Plunges Among Republicans

It is finally happening. Strong support for Donald Trump is sinking among Republicans, as only 53% of the voters in his own party strongly support the President.

According to the Quinnipiac University Poll, Trump’s overall approval among Republicans is dropping:

The softening of Trump’s base of support can be clearly seen in the decline in strong GOP support for Trump:

What the Quinnipiac University Poll reveals is that the Republican push to take health care away from 22 million people has hurt Trump. It turns out that even Republicans don’t want to pay more for less care. Only 57% of Republicans said that Trump was level headed and only 63% said that they would work for him. Just 70% of Republican called Trump a good leader. While Republicans don’t think the Russia scandal is a big deal, only 66% of them approve of the way that the President is handling health care.

The message in this poll is that while the Russia scandal may end up being the bigger deal long-term, it is his domestic policy on issues like health care that is hurting Trump with his own party. Trump is shooting himself in the foot by obsessing over Obamacare repeal, as even his own party is beginning to take a step back from their president.