Democratic Congressman Rocks Trump’s World With Bill To Force Him To Sell His Businesses

Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA) has introduced legislation that would force Trump to convert his businesses to cash and buy Treasury bonds to avoid any conflicts of interest.

According to a release from Rep. Evans, “The No Conflict of Interest Presidency Act of 2017 requires the conversion of the Trump Organization’s businesses, which include real estate, golf courses, hotels, resorts and a range of other investments, into cash; with which he would then be required to buy treasury bills and widely diversified mutual funds, which are considered conflict free under federal law.”

The Congressman said, “The American people have heightened concerns about President Trump’s untamed business interests. The No Conflict of Interest Presidency Act of 2017 aims to calm fears of conflict and collusion by creating a clear wall between President Trump’s duty to govern and his family and business interests. There is a big difference between campaigning and governing,” Evans said. “It is time for President Trump to govern for the well-being of the American people. Their needs to be a clear wall, a clear line between President Trump’s business connections and his role as President. My hope is that the No Conflict of Interest Presidency Act of 2017 will provide much needed clarity so that the Trump Administration can start to focus on issues that matter such as improving the quality of life for Philadelphians, Pennsylvanians and Americans—things like food policy, school modernization and necessary home repairs that give the residents in our cities and suburbs the tools they need to build strong, healthy neighborhoods.”

This legislation could get very popular very fast depending on what the results are of the investigation into Trump financial crimes. Paul Ryan’s Republican will make sure that this legislation never sees the light of day in 2017, but if Democrats take back the House, this is the type of bill that they will be looking to pass. If Democrats win the House and Senate, they will put Republicans on the spot by either forcing them to defend Trump’s conflicts of interest or vote against the President.

Trump is terrified of anything that gets near his money, so legislation such as what Rep. Evans has introduced is this president’s worst nightmare.

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