Trump Officially Loses His Mind And Tells Supporters He’s More Popular Than Ever

Offering a glimpse into just how deeply Donald Trump has inserted himself into the world of alternative facts, the president told his supporters at a rally on Thursday that he would actually win by a bigger margin if the election were held today.

Trump told the West Virginia crowd that his support is actually “better” today than it was last fall.


You know, we won this state by 42 points, can you believe that? Forty-two points. And I asked your Republican Party leader, “How would we be doing today versus Nov. 8, Election Day?” He said, “Mr. Presisident, honestly you’re doing better.” I said, “Better?” That’s good.

The crowd at his rally in West Virginia – a state he won by 42 points – ate it up and gave him a huge round of applause, but the majority of the country is clearly not living in the same universe at the president and his loud supporters.

Just today, Gallup clocked Trump’s approval rating at a very pathetic 36 percent and each day it seems to creep lower and lower, even among Republican voters. The idea that he is in a better polling position than he was last November – when he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton – is clear evidence that Trump has officially lost his grip on reality, if he ever had it to begin with.

As the White House drowns in scandal and continues to be led by a president without the capacity or desire to do the job, Trump’s support is not growing; it’s shrinking.