Trump Throws A Massive Tantrum After Congress Forces Him To Sign Russia Sanctions Bill

The President Of The United States came to the defense of Russia this morning while attacking the US Congress for painting him into a corner and forcing him to sign Russia sanctions legislation.

Trump tweeted:

Congress painted Trump into a corner by passing the sanctions bill by such an overwhelming margin that they would have easily overridden a presidential veto. Trump had no choice, but to sign the bill, and that is what set him off.

This isn’t the typical Trump post-Fox and Friends viewing tantrum. The President was suggesting that Congress should be taking away health care from 22 million people instead of sanctioning Russia for attacking the 2016 election. Trump defended an attack on a US election by a hostile foreign power while criticizing the Legislative Branch of his own government for taking action to punish Russia.

Trump’s conception of the presidency involves protecting and enabling Mother Russia while redistributing national wealth from those who have the least to those who have the most.

The tweet about is Trump’s presidency in 140 characters or less, and it is why he is a failing president.