Trump’s Russia Collusion Continues As President Uses Russian Talking Points To Attack Congress

Donald Trump is continuing to collude with Russia by repeating the talking of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as he attacked the US Congress.

Here are the tweets from Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on August 2:

Here is what Trump tweeted on August 3:

Trump is parroting Russian talking points. Russia attacks Congress. Trump attacks Congress. Russia claims hopes for improved relations are ruined. Trump says the US/Russia relationship is at a new low. The President Of The United States should not be moving in lockstep a hostile foreign power while attacking the US Congress.

The Trump collusion with Russia hasn’t ended. It is still going on. Trump is using Russian talking points to attack a branch of the United States government. Trump is still working with Russia against American interests. Russian propaganda is coming straight out of the Oval Office, as the greatest threat to American democracy in the history of the country is coming from within.

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