Evangelical Adviser Says God Has Given Trump The Authority To Attack North Korea

An evangelical adviser to Donald Trump claims that God has given Trump a biblical mandate to take out North Korea.


Dr. Robert Jeffress said, “The Bible gives President Trump the moral authority to use whatever force necessary including assassination, or even war to take out an evildoer like Kim Jong-un.”

What Dr. Jeffress doesn’t want to comprehend is that the United States isn’t governed by the Bible, so what he thinks the Bible does or doesn’t do in this situation is irrelevant. We are a nation of laws, not psalms. We have a separation of church and state for a reason. Trump may not have the constitutional authority to attack North Korea. A biblical mandate for war with Borth Korea will not hold up in court or pass muster with Congress.

Trump had already taken the United States to a crazy place, and now the far-right fringe evangelicals have shown up and thrown gasoline on to a raging fire of Trump insanity. Sane people of all faith/non-faiths must come together to stop the lunacy before the unstable president starts a war because he believes that God told him to do it.