Trump Thinks He Is JFK As White House Admits They Are Trying To Provoke A New Cuban Missile Crisis

Having failed to make Trump popular in any other way, the White House is admitting that they are trying to provoke a new Cuban missile crisis with N. Korea.

After Sec. of State Rex Tillerson told the American people that they could sleep well at night:

The White House kneecapped their own Secretary of State with this mind blower via The Washington Post:

Meanwhile, White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said in a Wednesday morning television interview that the brinksmanship with North Korea “is analogous to the Cuban missile crisis.” Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president who works on the national security staff, warned, “Don’t test this White House.”

Kim and Trump and not Khrushchev and Kennedy. If Trump escalates with N. Korea, there could very easily be a nuclear war. North Korea does not have missiles that can reach the United States, but China certainly does.

This White House and the president are trying to escalate a crisis for no other reason than making a weak president look strong and feel good about himself. Nothing good will ever come out of amping up the rhetoric towards N. Korea. Trump’s threats are exactly what the regime there wants. They have been starving their own people for decades while telling them that the United States is the evil enemy. Trump is making the regime stronger and pushing the world closer to nuclear war because the White House is trying to prop up his failing presidency.