Lunatic Trump Melts Down All Over Mitch McConnell With 3 Totally Insane Demands

In his middle of his golf vacation, Donald Trump took a moment to demand that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell repeal and replace Obamacare, pass an infrastructure bill, and pass a tax reform/tax cuts package. With this crazed tweet, Trump confirmed that he no idea how government works.

Trump tweeted:

Trump still thinks that the presidency is an episode of The Apprentice. Trump is telling Mitch McConnell to get back to work, while he is riding around his golf club in New Jersey. The reason why this president is a failure is that he doesn’t understand that his job isn’t to sit on his butt and wait for Congress. Trump is supposed to be leading. The White House has zero policy proposals for any of the three areas that Trump is demanding that a bill is passed.

The President is so unknowledgeable about the legislative process that he thinks legislation can be easily passed. The truth is that McConnell could spend the better part of a year on each item on Trump’s wish list.

Trump is totally clueless, and now he is melting down and making irrational demands because, in his view, his failing presidency is all Mitch McConnell’s fault.