Trump Blames Democrats For His Possible Criminal Acts And Collusion With Russia

Donald Trump tried to blame Democrats for the 2016 election collusion during a press conference that definitely caught the attention of investigators.



Q Mr. President, are you passing notes to the special counsel, Bob Mueller? Can you talk a little bit about —

THE PRESIDENT: No, not notes. We’re working with him. I mean, we have a situation which is very unusual. Everybody said there’s no collusion. If you look at the counsels that come in, we have a Senate hearing, we have judiciary, we have intelligence, and we have a House hearing. And everybody walks out, even the enemies, and they said, no, there is no collusion, there’s no collusion.

So they’re investigating something that never happened. There was no collusion between us and Russia. In fact, the opposite. Russia spent a lot of money on fighting me. And if you think about it, I want a strong military. You see our budget is up by — it will be hundreds of billions of dollars, our military budget. Russia doesn’t like that. Hillary was going to cut the budget substantially, the military budget. Russia is — very important for Russia — oil. Oil and gas. We are now an exporter — because of an incredible six months that I have — an exporter of oil and gas. That’s bad for Russia.

I always said, I don’t think Russia wants me because I want a strong military and I want low energy prices. Energy is a disaster. Low energy prices is a disaster for Russia. Additionally, it seems that Russia spent a lot of money on that false report, and that was Russian money, and I think it was Democrat money, too. You could say that was collusion. Plus, the Democrats colluded on the Ukraine. So they colluded. And then when you get down to it, why isn’t the FBI looking at the DNC server? You have a server that they refuse — the Democrats refuse to give to the FBI. Now, I don’t know how the FBI can investigate something if the DNC, the Democrats, refuse to give the server.

So we have an investigation of something that never took place. And all I say is, work with them — because this is an event that never took place.

Now, as far as somebody else, where did they file the right papers or did they forget to file a paper, you know, I guarantee if you went around to look at everybody that made a speech or whatever these people did, that’s up to them. Did they do something wrong because they didn’t file the right document or whatever? Perhaps. You’ll have to look at them. But I guarantee you this: Probably a lot of people in Washington did the same thing.

Trump tried to first claim that there was no collusion with Russia, but then he shifted to blaming Democrats for any collusion that happened during the election, so just to make sure that everyone is clear on Trump’s position, there was no Russia collusion, but if there was collusion during the election, it was the Democrats’ fault.

The President was using one of his favorite tactics. He is blaming Democrats for the very thing that he is accused of doing. Without Hillary Clinton around to blame everything on, Trump’s tactics are being exposed.

The more he talks about Russia, the faster Donald Trump marches toward impeachment.