Your Health Care Is In Danger As House Republicans Scramble To Force New Obamacare Repeal Vote

A new shot has been fired in the never ending circular firing squad that is the Republican effort to take health care away from millions. House Republicans are mad at the Senate, so they are trying to force a vote on a repeal only of Obamacare.

Fox News reported, “House conservatives launched a new effort Friday to force an ObamaCare repeal vote on the floor, amid frustration over stalled legislation in the Senate. The House Freedom Caucus wants to revive an earlier bill to simply repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving negotiations over a replacement for a later time. They filed a petition Friday calling for a vote that would not take effect until January 2019.”

House Republicans understand that Obamacare repeal is toxic, which is why they want to vote on a bill that does not take effect until after the midterm elections. The rationale behind this move is the same flawed thinking that doomed the Senate’s repeal only bill. House Republicans think that because Congress passed a repeal only show vote in 2015, repeal only has a better chance of becoming law than repeal and replace.

A huge political motivation behind this effort is that House Republicans want to be able to run for reelection on having repealed Obamacare, even if the Senate hasn’t agreed.

When repeal and replace died in the Senate, it wasn’t an end to the battle to keep Obamacare. The victory that happened that late night was a not a final triumph. Until Democrats control the White House or some part of Congress, Republicans are going to continue to try to take health insurance away from tens of millions.

Your health care is still in danger, which is why it is vital that concerned Americans everywhere keep fighting for Obamacare.