As He Is Getting Him Blown Up, Crackpot Trump Brags To Guam Governor He’s Making Him Famous

Donald Trump bragged to the governor of Guam that he was making him famous and going to increase his tourism, while North Korea is threatening to attack the island.

Video of the call between the Republican Guam Governor and Trump:

Here is what Trump said:

I doubt that North Korea bombing Guam would boost tourism. In fact, people tend not to vacation in places where they might get killed. Trump had to take a shot at Obama, because that is how petty and insecure this president is. He also seems to think that he is still in the promotion business with his boasts about tourism and making Gov. Eddie Calvo famous.

If there is still anyone out there who doesn’t believe that Donald Trump is dangerously delusional, listen to the man talk to the governor of an island that is the stated target of a potential North Korea attack.

Trump can’t handle a North Korea crisis that he created, so there is no way that he is going to be able to lead the country and coordinate in a time of crisis or natural. One can only imagine how Trump would have handled something like a category 5. He will tell the people getting pummeled by the storm not to worry about it, because he is making them famous, and after they get the dead bodies out and rebuild, tourism will go up ten fold.