GOP Senator Does What Trump Refuses To Do And Denounces White Supremacist Hate Group

Attempting to fill the void left by Donald Trump’s silence, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah denounced the white supremacist demonstration from Friday night in an early-morning tweet today.

In the post, the GOP senator said the ideas spewed by this hate group “have no place in a civil society.”

Hatch’s strong condemnation of Friday’s march came before today’s gathering in Charlottesville, where two competing groups – the alt-right Nazis and counter-protesters – continue to clash in the streets at this hour.

While the sometimes-violent white supremacist group chanted phrases like “white lives matter” and “you will not replace us,” the counter-protesters refused to stoop to such levels, instead using their marches to spread a message of unity and tell the alt-right group that “love has always won.”

Meanwhile on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the President of the United States has done something he refuses to do on most other issues: Remain silent.

If more leaders from across the country – particularly those in the Republican Party – continue to denounce the indefensible rhetoric and acts of violence being carried out by the white supremacist groups that helped fuel Trump’s candidacy, perhaps the president will have no choice but to speak out against them.

But his silence as tensions rise in Virginia has already spoken volumes about how he really feels.

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