Hundreds Of Counter-Protesters Drown Out White Supremacist Hate In Charlottesville

Sending a powerful message to the violent, white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, counter-protesters overwhelmed alt-right Nazis with a message of unity.

The counter-protesters assembled on Saturday to fight back and tell the hate group, “Love has always won.”


According to the ACLU of Virginia, the number of counter-protesters outnumbered those who participated in white supremacist marches:

More videos and pictures from Charlottesville show the two groups clashing and offering starkly different views of America:

Watch a live stream of the counter-protest here

Today’s events came after hundreds of torch-wielding, alt-right Nazis descended on the University of Virginia late Friday, chanting phrases like, “White lives matter!” and “You will not replace us!”

In the age of Donald Trump, these are the types of hate groups that have been elevated and motivated. It’s why demonstrations like this have become increasingly common and hate crimes are rising across the country.

After all, if a president can publicly express his disdain for minority groups, then why shouldn’t the average Nazi be able to?

What the counter-protesters have shown, though, is that these white supremacist organizations – and the president who has emboldened them – are on the wrong side of history, and hatred will never win the day.