Trump’s Response To White Supremacist Violence In Charlottesville Was Truly Pathetic

As violence erupted and a state of emergency was declared in Charlottesville, VA after white supremacists marching in Trump’s name turned violent; all the impotent president could do was tweet “sad.”

Trump tweeted:

Earlier Trump issued a vague tweet that made no reference to Charlottesville specifically:

It is doubtful that the President wrote the earlier tweet that did not refer Charlottesville, but if he did, it interesting how he danced around the fact that these were people marching in his name, who feel empowered and emboldened by his rhetoric.

Trump is a pathetic figure who responds to violence on the streets by tweeting the word sad.

These are Donald Trump’s people who engage in violence, and he was a real president, Trump would lead the country instead of writing dopey tweets.

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