Opinion: Under Trump, NRA Rhetoric Evolves From Oblivious To Reckless


The NRA has used the example of a caustic Trump administration to raise their public profile from delusional to dangerous. No longer satisfied with having undue influence in our government, they’ve resorted to threats on media and denouncement of other civil rights platforms.

The National Rifle Association has become a tone deaf, bully pulpit in the name of gun manufacturers. The NRA has ignored the growing gun and violence culture in America, to the detriment of the citizens it purportedly advocates for.

Gun related mass killings occur in America like no other country in the world, as does gun related domestic violence, suicide, and crime. The NRA has resisted common sense methods of gun regulations by claiming infringement upon second amendment rights. Their stance as a civil rights champion is drenched in hypocrisy.


NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch has plagiarized a page from the Donald Trump book of Leadership for Dummies, in a series of mind boggling alt right leaning ads, that paint a picture of the NRA as a deluded, constitutionally illiterate and potential provocateur of misguided violence.

Ms. Loesch is known for her stance as a mom with a gun. No one in their right mind would want to deny a law abiding, mentally stable individual the right to protect their property, business or family. But, within that framework, must be a keen sense of responsibility. We can’t ever forget that Nancy Lanza, was once a mother with a gun too. She was killed by her child, along with 26 other innocent souls at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Columbine shooters made their purchase through an unlicensed dealer. If the argument the NRA wants to use, is that criminals kill people, not guns, then it only makes sense that we remove the tools of the trade from the criminal. The fact is, not every person should be allowed to own a gun, and there should be regulations to ensure that those unfit, never acquire firearms. Common sense.

Loesch has embarked on a mission to attack the media, deride “fake news,” denounce protests, belittle former president Barack Obama and threaten retaliation. Sound familiar? The NRA is now acting like a deranged surrogate for a demented president.

Apparently, Ms. Loesch needs to be reminded that the right to protest is the First Amendment before even, the right to bear arms. America was born on the strength of civil unrest. Perhaps someone should pass a note to Ms. Loesch, that sheds light on the fact that the media has a constitutional duty to reveal government actions, inadequacies and potential corruption. The news that America has been afforded during the Trump presidency is not fake; it’s the harsh reality of a political calamity that threatens the founding ideology of America. Choosing to partner with and model their rhetoric in his image, is reprehensible and counterproductive.

Sadly, Ms. Loesch is not alone in the propensity for inflammatory conversation. Fellow NRA spokesman, Grant Stinchfield, went as far as to suggest that North Korea aim their weapons of mass destruction at the capital of California. Mr. Stinchfield can be seen in NRA ads bemoaning the so called violence of the left repeatedly. So the obvious question becomes, what exactly is calling for the nuclear annihilation of fellow Americans, other than extremist violence? Shame on you Mr. Stinchfield. Additionally, how is this advocating for the second amendment?

The NRA has voted against simple common sense measures as:

1. Locking guns at home
2. Reporting the theft of guns within 72 hours
3. Background checks of gun purchasers
4. Ban on assault rifle ownership
5. High capacity ammunition magazines
6. Closure of loopholes of gun show firearm purchases.
Each of these examples represents an opportunity to save lives and remove obvious dangers from the equation, yet the NRA has steadfastly resisted.

Undoubtedly the NRA holds an egregious amount of influence within the government through lobbying donations and even a grading system of political candidates. In the name of GUNS. The NRA will have you believe that our government wants to invade your home and confiscate your legal firearms. Nothing can be further from the truth. They recklessly throw around the idea of infringement of rights, while advocating abject ignorance.

They stood by in silence during the Philando Castile tragedy, before finally declaring their lack of support was due to Castile possessing marijuana at the time of his death. Marijuana played no part in him reaching for his identification and being murdered. It should also be noted, that the NRA is involved in the training of law enforcement agencies across the country, yet saw nothing wrong in the actions of the officer involved. Hypocrisy at it’s absolute worst.

As American citizens, we can no longer allow the government that serves us to be held hostage by a lone wolf group, that doesn’t have the best interests of the entire country at heart.

We the people must make it our priority to elect representatives of humanity, unimpeachable integrity and high intellect. We must empower officials who will not accept donations from, reject the ideologies and are conscious of, the hypocrisy and obliviousness of the NRA. There is a debilitating gun culture in America, and we need leaders who will address this problem and not be extorted by a branch of alt right idiocy. Make your statement loud and clear in all elections from local to the federal level. RESIST…