Trump White House Blames Leftist Mob Not White Racists For Charlottesville Violence

A Trump White House official is claiming that the “leftist mob” in Charlottesville was as, or more violent than the white Trump supporting racists, and is responsible for Saturday’s violence and terrorism.

Via Gabriel Sherman:

Trump’s blaming of the left during his remarks about Charlottesville on Saturday was not an accident. The White House is so indebted to racists that they are pushing the story that leftists are responsible for Saturday’s violence.

Anyone with eyes and ears could see and hear who was responsible for the violence. THe anti-racism demonstrators did not come prepared with shields, helmets, and weapons. Those people who were chanting “Hail Trump” on the streets were not a leftist mob. The President’s refusal to use the words domestic terrorism in relation to the events in Charlottesville was intentional. The Trump White House has learned well from Fox News. They understand that the best way to keep his base happy is to pretend that both sides do it, and leftist violence is causing the right to act in “self-defense.”

Fox News has been going to this well for nearly a decade, so it is no surprise that a Fox News guided Republican president would use the same tactics.

The left is not responsible for the violence. By not specifically condemning those who are responsible, the Trump White House is sending a clear signal of endorsement to racists and white supremacists across America.

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