Trump’s White Support Collapses As He Has The Same 1st Term Approval Rating As Obama

Trump’s approval with whites is falling so fast that he now has the same first term approval rating white voters as former President Barack Obama.

Carrie Dann of NBC News tweeted the data from Gallup:

There was much written and spoken in the media about Trump’s support with white voters. Some Democrats fretted about how they had to get these white voters back into their column. It turns out that there are plenty of white voters out there who may have fallen for Trump’s campaign con, but aren’t going along with his gutting health care while pandering to racists presidency.

These numbers come on the heels of Trump hitting a level of disapproval that has never been seen before for a first term president in the history of political polling. The odds are that his approval ratings aren’t going to get better. If white voters leave Trump, the Republican Party will be doomed. White conservative rural voters are all that the GOP has got. If white voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania reject Trump, Democrats will win back the White House.

Trump won the Electoral College by 78,000 votes in the above three states. If white voters continue to flee Trump and his party, it will mean the end of total Republican control of the federal government possibly as soon as 2018.

Obama struggled with white voters, so Trump’s equaling of the former president represents a true crash and burn.

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