Congressman Says What The Media Won’t: Trump Is Unfit To Be President


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is saying what the press won’t. Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President Of The United States.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:


The media has been criticizing and expressing outrage over Trump’s support for racists, but what they haven’t been willing to engage in is the conversation about Trump’s fitness for office. A man who supports racists who murder is not fit to be president. Donald Trump can’t provide moral leadership to the country when he is providing political cover for violent racists.

When members of Congress return to Washington, they can’t be allowed to slip into a conversation about tax reform. There can be no distraction from what Trump has unleashed on the country. Trump has attempted to open up the great dark underbelly of American culture. Republicans can’t be allowed to do their usual issue a few vague statements criticizing Trump and then get back into line as they attempt to pass legislation.

The elephant in the room that must be talked about is Trump’s fitness for office. Democrats need to bring this topic up at every turn. Trump is going to give them ample opportunities, so Republicans must have their feet held to the fire, as Democrats must consistently challenge the President’s fitness for office.