Behind The Scenes Trump Is Enraged And Falling Apart Over Bad Charlottesville Press

Trump is described by White House officials as enraged at the press for not giving him positive coverage after the Charlottesville violence. Trump is said to be in no mood for moderation and sounds like a president who is coming apart.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post tweeted:

The concept that perpetually eludes Trump is that if he wants positive media coverage, he should try to learn about the job he was elected to do, and then perform it in a competent manner. Trump gets bad press because only he could take one of the easiest choices that a president will face, condemning racism, and screw it up by siding with the racists.

Trump’s problem is that he has no knowledge, no curiosity, no belief system, and no ideology. Donald Trump is the embodiment of a shallow empty suit. Trump knows nothing. Trump believes in nothing, and his primary motivator for walking the Earth is to make more money and stroke his own ego.

Donald Trump is the ultimate snowflake who collapses at the first hint of difficulty or pressure.

Trump lashes out and blames the media when the real problem is that he is incompetent and unfit to be president.