Trump Wants Republicans To Use The Steve Scalise Shooting To Justify His Racism

Trump is urging Republicans in Congress to use the Steve Scalise shooting as a cover for his support of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Scott Wong of The Hill tweeted:

Here is the talking point that Trump wants Republicans in Congress to use, “From cop killing and violence at political rallies, to shooting at Congressmen at a practice baseball game, extremists on the left have engaged in terrible acts of violence.”

There is no low that Donald Trump won’t sink to in an effort to save his own skin. Trump is in real trouble as the blowback from his support for racist violence is growing stronger, so the President is trying to hide behind the shooting of a member of Congress.

Republicans in Congress would be wise to ignore the President’s wishes because any Republican who goes along with Trump will be supporting and encouraging racial violence. Every step that Republicans take with Trump is another move toward their own demise.