Trump To Sign Executive Order Making It Easier For People To Be Killed By Flooding

Trump will sign an executive order that will end the requirement that flood prone infrastructure is built with rising sea levels in mind, which means that thanks to Trump, it will infrastructure will be more dangerous to human life during floods.

Journalist Zack Coleman tweeted:

It is impossible to think of a move by a president that could be more short-sighted, poorly thought out, and potentially deadly than what Trump is planning on doing. According to data from NOAA, “In 2015, about 64 percent (112 out of 176) of the flood deaths involved vehicles. Many of those likely occurred when a person was trying to cross a flooded road. Vehicles have also been a part of many flood-related fatalities in 2016. As an example, many of the 26 deaths in North Carolina from Hurricane Matthew involved motorists being swept away on flooded roads.”

By lowering the standard for infrastructure in flood prone areas, Trump is going to get people killed.

Donald Trump is making it easier for people to die in floods because he wants to kill an Obama executive order.

Trump’s obsession with undoing the Obama presidency is going to be fatal for Americans who live in flood prone areas. There is no limit to the damage and harm that this president will do to the American people in the name of getting himself a “win.”