Trump Totally Loses It And Defends Racists While Attacking The Press For Charlottesville

President Trump, who has never hesitated to offer an opinion before having the facts before, said that he needed the facts before he condemned racism. Trump went on to attack the press for not praising his statement.


The video above shows a president who is going out of his way to racists the benefit of the doubt. Trump repeatedly states that all the facts are not known, but the facts are known. Trump claimed that he didn’t want to comment before he had the facts, but this had not stopped him in the past when it came to incidents around the world that he blamed Muslims for as they were still happening.

The message was clear. Trump needed to give white racists the benefit of the doubt, and the press is all to blame for not seeing that his statement was true genius, and they should have praised him more.

The video shows a bigoted president who can barely hide his own racism. Trump was losing it, as he withered under questions from reporters. At one point, Trump tried to defend himself by reading from the statement that he gave on Saturday. Trump also claimed that the mother of the woman who was killed in the attack praised him and that he created a million jobs.

Trump is losing it, and can’t handle the negative publicity that is coming with his racist views being exposed for the world to see.