White Supremacists Hit With $3 Million Lawsuit From 2 People Injured In Charlottesville Attack

The organizer of the Charlottesville rally, the driver of the car that was used in a domestic terror attack, and leaders of the alt-right racist movement are facing a $3 million lawsuit from two people who were injured in the violence.

Matt Talhelm reported:

As you can see from the picture of the lawsuit, the list of defendants contains many of the prominent names within the alt-right movement.

There is a school of thought that one of the best ways to put the racists out of business is to hit them in the wallet and take away their financial resources. Criminal penalties may deter some of these people, but the best way destabilizes their platform is to go after their financial resources. Since Trump seems to love racial violence, there is no word yet on his Twitter account as to whether or not he will be picking up the legal fees for the defendants.

Here’s hoping that the court system will do what the President and his White House are too afraid of doing.

It is time to make the racists pay.