The Entire US Military Has Now Openly Broken With Trump And Denounced Racism


The men in charge of all the branches of the US military have denounced racism and broken with President Trump’s encouragement of racists.

Army Chief Gen. Mark Milley tweeted:

Gen. Joseph Lengyel of the National Guard tweeted:


The Chief of Staff of the Air Force tweeted:

Gen. Robert Neller of the Marine Corps tweeted:

Adm. John Richardson of the US Navy tweeted:

The Joint Chiefs have to protect their branches of the military while still respecting the chain of command, which is why none of them personally condemned Trump, but it was clear that all of them were concerned about Trump inspired racism infecting the military.

The statements by the military leaders were another example of institutions trying to save themselves from destruction at the hands of this president. Never have military leaders so openly disagreed with views put forward by a president.

Trump has weakened every other major aspect of the presidency, so it isn’t surprising that he has also diminished the presidential role of commander in chief.

Even the military is trying to protect itself from the vile toxicity of Donald J. Trump.