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Finally, A Republican With Some Guts As Lindsey Graham Calls Out Trump By Name For Dividing America

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did what other Republicans have refused to do. He criticized the President by name and told Trump that he is dividing America and that many Republicans don’t agree with his rolling out of the welcome mat for David Duke.

Graham’s statement:

See how easy that was? It shouldn’t be this difficult for Republicans to stand up and say that Donald Trump is wrong to support racists. Lindsey Graham is so far the top elected Republican to come and say what all Republicans should have said yesterday. The Party of Lincoln is not the Party of David Duke. Donald Trump is wrong. His comments are wrong, and they must be condemned in the strongest terms.

More Republicans need to speak bluntly and directly out against Trump’s racism. Anything less will enable a white supremacist takeover of the Republican Party.

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