Humiliated Trump Kills His Manufacturing Council After CEOs Flee The Toxic President

A humiliated Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he is ending his manufacturing council after CEOs fled him in the wake of his Charlottesville remarks.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweet was the equivalent of the humiliated president taking his ball and going home. On Tuesday, Trump said that there were CEOs lined up to take the place of those who quit, but he was lying. There are no CEOs lining up to be seen with Trump because once the President justified and supported racist violence and terrorism, he became radioactive.

Trump craves the respect of real CEOs, and when those people rejected him, the President tantrumed and shut the whole council down, which goes to show that the “manufacturing council” was never really about boosting manufacturing in the United States. These councils existed to boost Trump’s ego and give him photo-ops.

Once the CEOs no longer wanted to be seen with him, Trump had no interest in American manufacturing, because, at the end of the day, everything is all about Donald Trump.