Phoenix Mayor Tells Trump To Cancel Upcoming Rally And Clean Up His Charlottesville Mess

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton urged Donald Trump to put off his upcoming campaign rally and instead focus on cleaning up the mess he’s made over the past several days following the racial driven violence and hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Stanton said he is “disappointed” that Trump has decided to use this moment to hold a rally, particularly as the nation is still reeling from the disturbing events in Virginia.

Full statement via Stanton’s Twitter page:

Not only is now a terrible moment to hold a campaign rally, but it would only deepen the racial divide in the United States since the president is reportedly going to use the event to announce his decision to pardon Sherrif Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio, of course, has his own problems with racial discrimination against Latinos, which makes the timing of Trump’s rally even worse.

As PBS reported, “A federal judge ruled in 2013 that Arpaio’s officers racially profiled Latinos. But the sheriff refused to stop his immigration patrols, eventually leading to the criminal contempt of court case that he’s embroiled in. it also contributed to his failed re-election bid last year.”

While the mayor is urging the president to at least delay his event, Trump appears to be going full speed ahead with it, tweeting this a short time ago:

Within the span of about a week, if the rally goes ahead as planned, it’s plausible that the President of the United States could endorse white supremacists and announce that he’s pardoning a man who proudly racially profiled Latinos.

Just when you thought this president couldn’t go any further into the gutter, he rises to the occasion to do just that.

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