Rachel Maddow Blasts WH Officials For Standing By Trump As He Defends White Supremacists

Rachel Maddow said that one of the more surprising developments of the past few days – particularly the last 24 hours – is that nobody in the White House has resigned over Donald Trump’s refusal to strongly condemn white supremacists.

The MSNBC host said, “They’re all okay” with Trump’s recent rhetoric, and if they aren’t, they’re too spineless to actually do anything about it.


Maddow said:

Naturally, everybody’s been expecting that people will start to resign. Either they’ll resign explicitly in protest of the president aligning himself with white nationalists or at least people will resign in a less brave way and just say they want to spend more time with their cats or whatever. I mean that’s the expectation, but so far there have been no resignations from the administration from people who have actual jobs there at least. This make-work, window dressing advisory board hollowed out but that’s it. In terms of people actually working in the administration, apparently everybody is fine, nobody is leaving, they’re all okay with it.

It’s one thing for those in the administration to express their disappointment behind closed doors, but at the end of the day, they are all complicit in Trump’s troubling behavior if they sit on their hands and stand by him as he defends white supremacists.

Ultimately, this is not a typical argument between Democrats and Republicans or liberals and conservatives. There are not two sides this discussion. You either believe in a country in which white supremacists and alt-right Nazis have no place, or you don’t.

Those who are standing by Donald Trump are suggesting that they believe in the latter. History will judge them poorly if they continue to do so.