Republicans Rapidly Flee Trump As His GOP Support Has Dropped 12 Points Since June


The signs are growing that Trump’s base is shrinking. The new Marist Poll finds that Republican support for Trump has dropped 12 points and strong Republican support for the President has dipped 14 points.

According to The Marist Poll:x
Although still popular among his key constituency, notably, his job performance rating has dropped among strong Republicans from 91% in June to 79% now.



More Americans also have a negative impression of the president. 60% of residents, including one in five Republicans, view Trump unfavorably, representing his most unpopular standing since assuming office. Only 34% have a favorable view of him. When this question was last reported in June, Trump’s negative score was 56%, and his positive rating was 37%. There has been a drop in the proportion of strong Republicans who have a positive view of the president from 94% in June to 80% this time.

When a president starts losing the strong support of the members of his own party, that president is in big trouble. If Republicans are not motivated to support Trump, the odds of them showing up at the polls to support Republican candidates in 2018, or the President’s reelection in 2020 diminishes. Trump is losing Republicans, and the even worse news for the White House is that this poll was conducted before Trump’s Charlottesville press conference.

Trump’s numbers are likely to drop even more in the coming days and weeks. If Trump loses Republicans, the opportunity will be there for a third party candidate to scoop up those who on the right who don’t support this president.

The support for Trump during the 2016 Republican primary was a mile wide, but an inch deep. Trump doesn’t inspire the kind of devotion that George W. Bush and Barack Obama had in their own parties. Republicans are weakening on Trump, as the stage is being set for a big Democratic year in 2018.