Trump Busted In Huge Lie As CEOs Forced Him To Shut Down Business Councils

It wasn’t Donald Trump who shut down the presidential councils, but CEOs who shut Trump after they decided in a conference call to collectively resign.

Trump tweeted:

However, The Wall Street Journal reported the real story, “One of the councils had planned to disband after a conference call of its executives on Wednesday morning, a person familiar with the matter said. Mr. Trump’s tweet came after reports that council was disbanding. Blackstone Group LP Chief Executive Stephen A. Schwarzman, who led the Strategic and Policy Forum, phoned the president on Wednesday to inform him the group was being disbanded, according to people familiar with the call.”

After the CEOs decided to disband the council, Trump put out his tweet in a pathetic effort to save face.

Trump’s capacity to lie is limitless, and as time passes, it is clear that Donald Trump lies to boost, protect, and service his own ego. Trump’s lies aren’t about becoming more popular, or a means to a political end. Donald Trump is lying because that is the only way he knows how to make himself look good.

Doing the work and being a good president would require time and effort. It is much for Trump to lie and feel good about himself.

Trump isn’t just failing at being president. He is also failing at being a human being.