Trump Tries To Distract From His Racist Woes By Taking Credit For Not Starting World War III

President Trump tried an obvious at distraction by attempting to take credit for North Korea not attacking the US.

Trump tweeted:

Someone needs to tell Trump that the Twitter account that he believes so strongly in is not going to save him this time. Trump’s tweet demonstrated that he has quickly learned that he can distract from his domestic troubles by creating foreign policy chaos.

The intention behind this tweet was to change the subject away from his support for neo-Nazis, racists, and white supremacists, as Trump thinks that he deserves credit for preventing a war with North Korea that he almost caused. By the way, he didn’t prevent anything. There is a broad popular consensus among diplomats and experts on North Korea that Trump’s rhetoric made the situation worse, and will make future discussions more difficult.

Donald Trump is the ultimate political one trick pony. His gimmick is to use bluster and crazy statements to create distractions, but there is no Hillary Clinton around to shield Trump. The spotlight is always on the President. He can’t escape it, and his inability to function as a normal human being within it will be his undoing.