Right Wing Activist Retweeted By Trump is Navy Intel With Suspended Security Clearance

The right-wing activist retweeted by President Donald Trump is a Navy intelligence officer named John Michael Posobiec III, whose security clearance is currently suspended, according to NBC News.

In other words, Trump is being Trump. The same Trump he was during the campaign, and is as President.

“A right-wing activist who brought attention to debunked conspiracy theories — and who gained new prominence when he was retweeted by President Donald Trump this week — is a U.S. naval intelligence officer detailed to a reserve unit, Navy service records show,” Courtney Kube at NBC News reported.

Kube added that according to a U.S. official, Posobiec’s security clearance is currently suspended.

That means Posobiec fits in perfectly with the kinds of people with whom Donald Trump likes to surround himself; conspiracy theorists who are mysteriously downgraded at work, like the man Donald Trump appointed as his national security adviser – even though Flynn was not only fired by former President Barack Obama but had social media accounts teeming with conspiracy beliefs propelled by what appeared to be rancid racism.

Posobiec was a pusher of such low brow and obviously false conspiracies as ‘Pizzagate’ and ‘Seth Rich murdered by the DNC’ tale.

At best, Trump has a disqualifying from office dearth of judgment or discernment. At worst, his brain is fueled by conspiracy beliefs that cause lower ranked people to lose their jobs and or security clearances. But Donald Trump has direct access to the red button.

This is who Donald Trump is. It is who he has always been. Those who are pretending they just discovered this are either too ignorant to be in politics or lying.