Trump Just Went Full Blown Racist By Launching Into Passionate Defense Of Confederate Statues

Donald Trump defended Confederate statues and monuments on Thursday morning, as this president made it clear exactly where he stands on race in America.

Trump made a straight up play to his racist base by tweeting:

Trump is equating men who fought to destroy the United States of America, with the general who led the fight for colonial independence, and the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence. The President justified the violence in Charlottesville by making the same argument that the racists make about Confederate statues and monuments. These statues and monuments memorialize people who fought to keep African-Americans enslaved.

This isn’t about changing history. The debate is about whether slavery should be celebrated.

In case anyone had any doubt where Trump stands on the issue of race in America, the President planted himself firmly on the side of the racists and white supremacists.

Trump’s presidency is sinking fast, and as he goes down, this president has decided to cling to his racist base until the very end.

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