Conservatives Turn On Trump And Threaten A Revolution After Steve Bannon Firing

Conservatives wasted no time turning on Trump after he fired Steve Bannon, with some going as far as promising a revolution against their own president.

Ann Coulter tweeted:

With reports that Bannon and Breitbart now consider the Trump administration a Democratic administration and are preparing to go to war against the President, a Breitbart staffer tweeted:

Bannon’s publication wasted no time firing a warning shot at Trump:

One source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast that the right is launching the French Revolution against Trump, “If he leaves, it’s French Revolution.”

The far-right conservatives love drama. They thrive on it. They eat it up, and they believe that Trump is the enemy, they will go to war against him and split the fractured Republican Party into pieces. The creaky and tiny coalition that made up the backbone of Trump’s support is coming unglued.

Steve Bannon is very powerful within conservative media. He holds a lot of sway with the same media bubble that got Trump the Republican nomination. If the Bannon minions go to war with this White House, Trump will have no base of support, no constituency, and nowhere to go, but down as President.

The war is on, and the weak and failing president is about to have his last legs cut out from under him.

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