Members of Congress Are Talking About Removing Trump From Office Due To A Mental Disorder

On the heels of Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker questioning Trump’s stability, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) has introduced a resolution calling for Trump to be removed from office due to a mental disorder.

The resolution states:

Rep. Lofgren said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Many Americans, including many Republicans, have observed the President’s increasingly disturbing pattern of actions and public statements that suggest he may be mentally unfit to execute the duties required of him. The President has not released a serious medical evaluation. As would be the case if the President were physically unable to execute the office of the President, this resolution urges those entrusted with the responsibility enshrined in the 25th Amendment to employ the services of medical and psychiatric professionals to help in their determination whether the President is mentally capable of carrying out his Constitutional responsibilities.”

Only medical experts can determine whether Trump has a mental condition or illness, but consider where we are as a country. A member of Congress has proposed a resolution calling on the President Of The United States to be removed from office until he has a full psychological evaluation.

The chatter about Trump’s mental state has grown from whispers to members of Congress openly questioning whether Trump is capable of doing the job.

Congress is telling Trump that needs a psych eval. The President is so dangerous that even Democrats are saying that it might be a good idea for Mike Pence to step in take over the duties of the presidency.

Donald Trump may finally bring America together in an effort to toss him out of office.