Bannon Prepares to Go Medieval on Republicans As “Bannon ‘da Barbarian”

This sounds like a bad graphic novel, but it’s just more Trump White House behind the scenes drama.

Bannon reportedly told friends he is getting ready to go “Medieval” on Republicans, and to get ready for “Bannon ‘da barbarian,” according to a Politico report.

In the weeks leading up to his outster, Bannon told friends to get ready for “Bannon da barbarian,” Alex Isenstadt reported.

“From a perch on the outside, Bannon reasoned, he could launch attacks on GOP leaders, stir up primary challenges, and rile conservative supporters — ‘going medieval,’ he has said — much as Breitbart did against former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Bannon can also pressure the White House to allowing a government shutdown if Trump doesn’t get what he wants in a funding bill.”

Not content, it seems, to simply undermine what the United States stands for, Bannon is also going to make sure the Republican Party is in disarray. “Such a barrage, should it materialize, would further exacerbate tensions that are deeply dividing Republicans during the Trump era.”

Conservatives love drama and see themselves cast as the hero of a Western meets Armageddon, so prepare yourselves for “Bannon ‘da barbarian.”

Other dramatic comments from “friends” of Bannon today included, “Steve is now unchained,” “Winter is here” and “#WAR”. So that’s fun.

Apparently up until now, including the white supremacy and nastiness to women, has been “Bannon ‘da Civilized”.

Who knew.

This was the President’s Chief Strategist, so while these threats seem adolescent and silly, they are also indicative of the level at which our President most comfortably operates.