White House Confirms That Steve Bannon Has Been Officially Kicked To The Curb


The White House released a two sentence statement confirming that Steve Bannon is out, and today is his last day at the White House.

Here is the statement:


There is a trend with this president. When Trump screws something up, someone else gets fired. Trump screwed up Obamacare repeal, so Reince Priebus lost his job as chief of staff. Trump went off script and praised racists, so Steve Bannon gets the ax.

That being said, Steve Bannon is a white supremacist bigot, who should have never been allowed inside the White House, much less held the job of chief strategist to the president. The departure of Bannon signals that Trump was upset by the attention and credit that his strategist was getting and that the President is pulling out all of the stops to try to reverse the coverage he is getting after his Charlottesville remarks.

It is important to note that Steve Bannon didn’t make Trump support racists at his press conference. Bannon may have been egging Trump on, but there is zero indication that the President didn’t say anything that he doesn’t really believe at that press conference.

Steve Bannon will go back to Breitbart, and Donald Trump will hope that you all forget that he supports racists.