The Dictionary Humiliates Trump With The Ultimate Troll Job After He Misspells Heals As Heels

The twitter account Merriam-Webster took down Trump after he, or someone in his White House, tried to sound presidential, but ended up embarrassing themselves by ironically misspelling heals and heels.

After President Trump threw gasoline on the flames of racism, he nurtured and stroked all week by attacking the anti-racism protesters in Boston calling them “anti-police agitators,” cleanup was necessary.

The Internet immediately spotted that the President or his White House staff had faceplanted again:

However, the best response came from the Twitter account of Merriam-Webster:

It is the story of Trump’s presidency in 140 characters or less. Donald Trump tries to sound lofty and presidential, but he ends up humiliating himself and exposing his ignorance and idiocy. Trump’s support for racist violence has turned most of the nation against him, but he has managed hit a new low as even the dictionary is humiliating Trump.

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